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VIDIZMO allows grouping your content together into a Collection. The users can group any media from the Portal (images, documents, quizzes) into the Collection for their viewers' ease. This helps in the effective interaction of the users with the content.

Before you start

  • Make sure you log into your portal with the Moderator+ role to be able to create and manage a Collection. To know more detail on user roles, read out the article: Understanding User Roles.

Create a Collection

1. From the Hompage of your Portal,

i. Click on the Add New Media (+) icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

ii. You will be directed to a page, where you can choose to Create Collection.

2. Click on Create Collection.

3. On Add New page,

i. Give a Title to your Collection.

ii. Drap & Drop the media content (video, audio, images, quizzes, etc) which are to be a part of your Collection.

iii. Click on Next to have your collection created.

4. From the settings, you can set some basic settings like descriptions and tags to make your content searchable as well as some advanced settings such as access rights and control. To learn more about how to update your media's settings, see: Understanding Media Settings.

Edit a Collection

1. After your collection has been published go to Media Manager. To go to the media manager, click on the icon on the top left corner of the page. Then click on Admin >> Media Manager 

i. Click on the Published tab.

ii. Click on your collection, the one you just made. Now, click on the Edit Collection button to edit your collection, as highlighted below.

Add Media:

1. You can add more media in your collection by simple drag and drop. Drag the media and Drop it into the collection. Click on Next to save the changes

Remove Media:

1. You can also remove media from the collection by clicking on the Cross (X) icon on the media, as shown below. Click on Next to save the changes.

Re-order Media:

1. You can re-order the media by dragging them up and drown in the collection, as shown below. Click on Next to save the changes.