As organizations ramp up their streaming infrastructure to enable broadcasting to large audiences, VIDIZMO eases the workflow by forming a seamless connection between your camera, encoders and streaming servers. By introducing an automated mechanism to pull your stream from a source, or push it via an encoder to your live audience, it enables customer organizations to worry less about the setup of the session and more about the getup during it.

Read more about the flow here: Understanding Live Streaming in VIDIZMO.


VIDIZMO allows you to broadcast a live session in a breezy 2-step process:

Now, with a brilliant studio-like vibe, you can centrally control all aspects of your live stream experience directly via your very own administrative space: Live Control Room. Read more to understand the features within the Control Room that help you brew a more engaging live streaming experience for your audience.

Session Control

As you would have pleased, Live Control Room is designed to provide you with the right tools and hacks to tweak your live webcast just the way you want. Some of the basic controls include:

  • The option to Go Live or start your session once you are done setting up your camera, encoder, staging presets, etc.
  • The ability to pause an ongoing live session for breaks during events or due to any occurence of an unprecedented scene.
  • Option to record chunks of live stream that you wish to publish as live session, which you can later concatenate into one. Read more about it here: Recording during live session.
  • Using the overflow menu of the Live Control Room, you can now directly change live session's media settings.
  • You can also share the live session there and then, sending a quick invite to all those who matter.

Session Interaction

Here comes the most exciting part. VIDIZMO now employs latest studio-based architecture where we allow you to interact with your live audience via Quizzes, Surveys, various sorts of attachments and documents, and much more.

  • We created a library-like space for you to bring all your interactive media here in the control room before you went live. Here is a glimpse of how you can populate it with all the relevant interactive Quizzes, surveys and documents/handouts that you might want to share with your live audience during the broadcast.

  • As soon as you start a session, you have the option to publish any of these interactive media during your ongoing session.
  • However, as you might have figured out yourself, in case of Quizzes and Surveys, you can only publish one at a time. As soon as you mark them as Complete, you will be able to publish others.
  • Handouts, which are basically documents, videos, executable files and other important attachments that help the audience gain more information about the said topic, can be published anytime during the live session regardless of whether a quiz or survey is live. Learn more about them here: Understanding Handouts.
  • When designing your quiz, the time limit you set for candidates to be able to complete a quiz or one page within a quiz, will be honored during your live stream as well. Learn more about VIDIZMO Quiz here: Understanding Quiz.
  • There are no such time limits when it comes to surveys. And as soon as you notice you have received enough survey submissions for deriving insights, you can mark it as complete. Learn more about designing a survey here: How to create a Survey
  • For increasing flexibility, we also allow you to publish the same quiz again in case you feel the need to educate your live audience more about the concept before you have them attempt the quiz again. You might be wondering how is it that you can determine that the audience has not understood the topic well? Read more under Session Statistics to understand how.
  • We have strived to build a user experience that makes you panic less and do more: if you mistakenly publish a Quiz or a Survey during the live session, you have the option to unpublish it immediately. Similarly, if there is a handout you only want to be made available for download for a specific period of time during the live session, you can unpublish it at a later time!
  • Guess what's the cherry on the cake? When you unpublish the interactive media, we no longer account for it in the recorded video of your live session. We understand you and your priorities well.

Session Statistics

Now, after a great level of interaction it is important to crunch some numbers and analyze content interaction and user engagement with your live broadcast session. VIDIZMO gives you the right amount of detail needed to base your reports upon.

Here are a few key insights:

  • Current Live Views denote the number of viewer instances (not necessarily unique) currently engaged in viewing your live stream
  • Total Unique Viewers indicate the count of unique viewers that have so far engaged in your session (regardless of whether they are still tuned in or not). This count is accumulated.
  • Similarly, Total Views is also a cumulative count showing you an aggregated value of views that your live stream has received over the span of your live session.
  • The graph is a representation of how the count of live viewers are fluctuating over time.

In the tab adjacent to Statistics, you will see reports for the Quizzes and Surveys you published during the live session to better understand how your audience is interacting with them. Following is an example of how live reporting of a Quiz (that is live right now) shall be displayed for your assistance. The Live Quiz shall also have an indicator against it for quick correspondence.

Interestingly enough, when you click on the title of the Quiz in the Reports section, it will take you to a detailed assessment report that will help you drill-down analysis against every participant or every question separately.

Learn more about it here: View Live Quiz Reporting.

The same is applicable for surveys, where you will be able to see the number of responses and a drill-down when analyzed further. See: View Live Survey Reporting.

Session Participation

Now, as much as it is important to be able to engage your audience; knowing what they think of the moment and if they are able to receive the value you are creating is equally significant, if not more. For this very reason, a whole section is dedicated to audience management allowing you to chat with them, respond to their unanswered queries during the live webinar. Learn more about these options here: Understanding interactivity options during live session.

In a nutshell:

  • You can now start meeting and chat with your audience directly from your Control Room, which was previously available from the end-user playback page. Make sure you have enabled Chat while scheduling your live session in VIDIZMO portal.
  • Similarly, responding to unanswered queries of your live audience is now only a single click away from where you are managing your session.
  • You can control who participates in your session by blocking/unblocking particular participants based on their unacceptable demeanor or misconduct.