13 December 2019

And here we conclude, not every Friday the 13th proves to be horribly unlucky.

At our headquarters, our application got a lot less buggy.

What's New

  • Tired of being lost in the application to control different aspects of your live stream? No more! Here we are with a personalized Live Control Room for you with centralized controls and a brilliant studio vibe to ignite your creative genius. Learn more about it here: Understanding Live Control Room.

  • We all wanna know more than just a like/dislike about our digital content. Learn more about what your audience thinks of your brand using our Surveys. Control responses, add context to the Survey and obtain detailed reports to understand user sentiments better. Here's how you can design a Survey in VIDIZMO in a few breezy steps.

  • Apart from that, we have completely revamped (more like revolutionized) your Live Streaming experience by giving you the ability to interact with your live audience using Quizzes, Surveys, Handouts, etc. Tears of joy? Us too. Learn how to publish a Quiz, Survey or Handout during a live session and keep your audience truly live!

  • With our improved authorization flow with Zoom, connecting your favorite video portal with your dearest conferencing solution is now as easy as just signing into your Zoom Account. Just another gesture to let you know we care. Learn more about it here: Understanding VIDIZMO-Zoom Integration.

  • In a shiny brand-new plate, we offer you an awesome food for thought: how would you confirm or verify if your application site visitors are of an acceptable age to view your content, or if they have performed a certain action that makes them eligible to access your portal? Sit back, relax and use our latest feature of visitor verification to implement many such organizational policies to make sure your portal is only accessible to those applicable.

  • Introducing sleek and stylish in-video Surveys that will keep you ever so savvy with your audience's taste and preferences (pop in a little feedback survey in between videos), using whose detailed reports you can build up actionable insights more strategically and less painfully. Learn more about it here: How to insert Survey within video.

  • And to cap our awesomeness, we just added the support for the most popular authorization standard SAML-P which now enables major SSO providers based on this protocol to be integrated with VIDIZMO portal single-sign on experience. Hurray!

Bug Fixes

  • Upon investigation, we saw how our cache engines had undergone a few corrosions over a time period. With some greasing, lubrication and a final touch of polish, our application is working more smoothly than ever before.

  • As much as we love providing you a fully immersive experience with your content, our 360 degree video playback was giving us a tough time after a recent upgrade to internal libraries. Fixed it, keep exploring!

  • When loaded for the first time, customized headers were being a little too stubborn to respond to the attendance call. Two warnings and an ice-cream put it all back together in place for one-step navigation guide anywhere in your application.

  • When you wanted to enable facebook-only or twitter-only login to your application, you were still made to land onto VIDIZMO login page before navigating to these social networking sites' login pages. But now you can sign into your application directly via these social networking SSO providers.

  • Fixed teeny tiny issues that tie the final ribbon on the fine-tuned application e.g. made feedback form submission hassle-free for portal's admin, liking a video no longer requires reloading to take effect, description in media settings is garbage-free now (phew) and you can now see the correct dimension (popularity, most viewed, etc) with which you have sorted your digital assets in Media Manager.


  • Adding content to your personalized Learning Plans has become more streamlined than before. Cheers, learners!

  • In the process of figuring out the best user experience when you use our portal from within your SharePoint site, you'll see how we graced your portal with the same blue tuxedo as SharePoint's, and how we streamlined the flow of navigation from an account to sub-portal.