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Before you start

Go to Studio Space

Insert HubSpot Form within Video

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HubSpot forms have not only helped businesses increase their reach but also allowed them to track participants in their marketing campaigns, collect valuable information and expedite the process of lead conversions. In today's competitive corporate world, you want to track and drill down every click and sway on your website.
With VIDIZMO's seamless integration with HubSpot forms, you can now include them in your videos with a few easy steps of configuration. All you need is your HubSpot account's Portal ID, and Form ID to proceed. Here's how you can get it.

Before you start

  • Make sure you log into your Portal as an Administrator, Manager or Moderator to be able to use Studio Space to insert a Quiz within a video
  • In order to add a HubSpot form in a video, you need to bring the Form ID and the Portal ID associated with your HubSpot form. You will get these two variables from the Form Embed Code while publishing your form. Copy these two values for later use in VIDIZMO Portal.

  • To understand more about Studio Space, and how certain options will redefine your interactive video experience, see: Understanding Video Interactivity using Studio Space.

Go to Studio Space

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. From the top left navigation menu, expand Admin tab and click on the Media Manager to manage your portal's media centrally.
ii. After locating the video you wish to add interactive media to, click on its overflow menu.

iii. Go to Studio Space.

Insert HubSpot Form within Video

1. Here you are at your own very own Studio Space, from where you can add interactive media to enhance your audience's video experience. Here's how:

i. Click on HubSpot to add one at any point during a video.

ii. Here, you will see a list of all interactive quizzes added within a video, in your case none. Click on Add New to proceed.

2. Now comes your playground, here is how you can insert your HubSpot form and determine player behaviour when it renders during your video:

i. Enter the Portal ID and Form ID you copied from the step above.

ii. Load at allows you to drop your form on any instance in the video using the scrubber below the player while viewing the video content at that point for ease of context.

iii. Specify Availability is a rather interesting feature that allows you to set a particular duration within a video during which the viewers can voluntarily opt to take hubspot survey on their own (using the button as showed in the first screenshot). In case they don't, the Quiz will pop up at the end of that duration (oops!)

iv. For ensuring that the HubSpot form is unobstructive during a viewer's experience, there is an option for designers to allow users to skip for seamless video streaming.

vi. After you are done designing your audience's experience with the form you just added, you can choose to add another form by clicking on Add New. Similarly, if you change your mind and wish to redo the designing from scratch, you can briskly remove the form too.

vii. Now's the time to tell the world! Click on Publish button at the top right to propagate your changes to your video, otherwise click Discard to lose the masterpiece you just created.

Note: If you happen to refresh the page during the process by error or chance, your changes will not be saved. So make sure to press Publish as soon as you think you've reached the mark!