VIDIZMO’s Control Panel Dashboard allows its users to keep track of the system changes and helps them stay updated with the status of those changes.  

Here, you can see a list of all active servers under the topology of your system’s highly available environment, against which you can view their license issued by VIDIZMO.

Note: Control Panel Dashboard can only be viewed in VIDIZMO Application deployed on premise.

In order to understand more about what the status of the server represents, we need to understand its two states: 

  • Online
    When the server is online, it means it does not have any pending requests and is up-to-date. 

  • Pending
    The server’s status changes to Pending when it detects a change in system and indicates that those changes are yet under execution. After successful completion, the status reverts back to Online. 


Dashboard also enables you to view your server’s license information that enlists the following parameters: 

  • Channel specifies the maximum number of portals allowed to be created within the application. 

  • Admin specifies the number of administrators allowed within the application. 

  • Manager specifies the maximum number of managers allowed within the application 

  • Moderator specifies the maximum number of moderators allowed within the application 

  • Contributor specifies the maximum number of contributors allowed within the application 

  • Viewer specifies the maximum number of viewers allowed within the application 

  • Package Name specifies the name of the package that the customer organization has purchased. 

Additionally, you have the option to manually upgrade your system to a different product package, by entering/uploading the updated license key issued to you by VIDIZMO using the Change Key option. 

To learn more about it, see: How to view and update your VIDIZMO license




Roles and Permissions 

Only Administrators and Managers are allowed to view Control Panel Dashboard.