VIDIZMO enables its customers to view their acquired license information, with the added ability to re-configure their product license and activate their software to a different product package by entering an updated license key. 

This enables customer organizations to smoothly transition from an existing package to an upgraded one without going through the various layers of support and technical assistance.

To learn more about it, see: Understanding Control Panel Dashboard.


Note: You can only view and update your License in VIDIZMO Application deployed on premise.

Before you start

  • Administrators can view and update VIDIZMO License.
  • If a License is already activated, it can not be re-activated.
  • Once you activate License against a server, that particular server would be restarted.

Steps to View License 

1. From the Portal's Homepage screen: 

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on Control Panel.


2. From the Control Panel screen:

i. You can view Dashboard by default in Control Panel options.

ii. Click on the document icon against your activated licenses.


3. Here, you can view your License Information, which includes details about the maximum number of Channels and User Roles you can configure in your VIDIZMO Account, along with the name of the Package you have subscribed. To learn more about what this information represents, see: Understanding License Information.


Steps to Update License 

Follow Steps 1 and 2, to navigate to License Information screen.

3. Here, you can update your VIDIZMO License: 

i. Click on Change Key under Activate Software.


5. From Activate Software screen: 

i. Enter your updated License Key to activate software.

ii. In case VIDIZMO Licensing server is not accessible over the internet, you may upload the License file to activate software.

iii. Once you have updated license using any one of the two methods, click Activate


A notification will appear briefly stating: License Activated Successfully.


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