To cater different business requirements, VIDIZMO provides flexibility to its customers by allowing them to enable and utilize third-party applications for additional or enhanced features and functionalities. This integration and configuration lead to user convenience, user correspondence and improved business analytics.

VIDIZMO App-Model Configurations

VIDIZMO provides an extensive list of setting different third-party applications for different purposes.

These App Settings comprise of following tabs:

  1. Single Sign-On

  2. Tracking

  3. Support

  4. Other Integrated Apps

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials regardless of the applications' platform, technology or the domain being used. Many Identity access Management Systems (IAMs) such Okta, OneLogin and third-party logins such as Facebook have centralized their user database to be mapped onto different application environments without the hassle of signing up on each portal separately. VIDIZMO offers great flexibility in terms of the available Single Sign-On options. In addition to that, users have added a facility to have multiple SSO options enabled at once.

Single Sign-On Options in VIDIZMO are as follows:

  • Azure AD (Active Directory)
    Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive cloud-based multi-tenant service from Microsoft that helps you avail identity and access capabilities for applications running in Microsoft Azure and for applications running in an on-premises environment. In addition to the added security due to the multi-factor authentication and conditional access, its single sign-on gives enterprises an option to integrate with thousands of cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox.
    In order to configure your Azure AD SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App, read more about it here: How to setup SSO using Azure Active Directory
    For Sign-in details, read Sign in Using Microsoft Account.

  • Okta: Okta provides its users a single platform for identity and access management at an enterprise-level coupled with a unique functionality of branching the users into functional groups within an organization to help role-definition and custom permission grants.Furthermore, it provides automated user lifecycle management for increased ease of onboarding and offboarding an employee from an organization. 
    In order to configure your Okta SSO on VIDIZMO, read more about it here: How To Setup SSO Using Okta. 
    For Sign-in details, read Sign in Using Okta.
  • One Login: OneLogin provides unified access management for both SaaS and on-prem apps in one solution. This helps organizations to forego other on-prem outdated options and tools and allows employees to access all apps from a single portal. It also offers smarter security and customer centricity. In order to configure your OneLogin SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App, read more about it here: How To Setup SSO Using OneLogin. 
    For Sign-in details, read Sign in Using OneLogin.
  • Google SSO: Google Sign-In is aauthentication system that helps counteract the problem of multiple login accounts of users, by enabling you to sign in with your Google Account—the same account they already use with Gmail and other Google services.It also forms a gateway to using multiple applications through seamless integration decreasing the risk of forgotten passwords and missed conversion opportunities.
    In order to configure your Google SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App, read more about it here: How To Setup SSO Using Google.
    For Sign-in details, read Sign in Using Google.
  • Microsoft Live SSO: Microsoft Live ID Sign-In helps centralize the authentication process by letting users sign in to any application using Microsoft Account (be it Hotmail, Live or Outlook) with easy integration with all Microsoft Applications such as Office 365, Azure Active Directory. This helps to fasten the Sign-in process and makes it more convenient for the end-user.
    In order to configure your Google SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App, read more about it here: How To Set Up SSO Using Microsoft Live ID.
    For Sign-in details, read Sign in Using Microsoft Account.
  • Facebook: Being one of the largest social media sites with billions of users, VIDIZMO having integrated with Facebook SSO login gives an added advantage of ready access with a given percentage of certainty that a user is highly likely to have a Facebook account already.In order to configure your Facebook SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App, read more about it here:  How to Setup SSO Using Facebook.
    For Sign-in details, read Sign in Using Facebook.

  • Twitter: VIDIZMO offers SSO integration options with Twitter, which has the least security considerations due to the insensitivity and publicness of the data shared on Twitter, making it one of the most secure options for social logins when it comes to data abuse.
    In order to configure your Twitter SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App,  read more about it here: How to SetupTwitter SSO with VIDIZMO.
    For Sign-in details, read Sign In Using Twitter.

  • LinkedIn: Deemed fairly popular for its pool of professional users, VIDIZMO incorporated Linkedin SSO login feature to enable employees to sign using their career profiles on Linkedin wih professional contact information and work-specific details.
    In order to configure your Linkedin SSO on your VIDIZMO Web App,  read more about it here: How to Setup SSO Using LinkedIn.
    For Sign-in details, read Sign In Using LinkedIn.

To read more about SSO, read Understanding Single Sign-On.


Tracking is a process in which you keep track of user’s actions while playing a video/audio content to determine the engagement level of a user. Tracking lets you know how often a media was played, for how long a user played it, how often a video was paused or resumed, gives you real-time insights and much more. Tracking affiliate events can also uncover relationships that are not working due to broken links or bad user experiences. All user activity on a media is calculated and displayed as Events in the Media Analytics or Quality of Experience(QoE) reporting interface of VIDIZMO. A user can use other Tracking options supported by VIDIZMO to view media analytics. These are:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic. VIDIZMO integrates with Google Analytics to allow you to analyze in-depth detail about the users on the Portal and make robust reports accordingly. Google Analytics provides many ways to access, organize, and visualize your data to suit your business needs. 

  • Woopra: Woopra is an advanced customer analytics cloud service built with proprietary tracking technology that easily synchronizes their customer information and monitors all their activity from all touch points, including websites, mobile apps, and more based on real-time data. Woopra delivers a holistic, real-time, behavioral view of every prospect and visitor by consolidating the organization's data in a singular hub.

To configure the apps in VIDIZMO, read How to Configure Analytics Apps in Portal.


Customer satisfaction is key to an organization's success. For this purpose, VIDIZMO provides integration with Support apps to help customers register and manage their complaints/concerns regarding the system centrally and effectively. 

  • Freshdesk Support: A customer support platform that helps register user complaints and queries in an organized and effective manner. This helps customers track the status of their queries, manage their priorities and analyze reports providing them further insights about system usage.
  • Freshdesk Live Chat: Give the customers the experience of modern messaging they are used to by responding proactively to the queries of customers on messages, hence providing a better support.

To configure the Support apps in VIDIZMO, read How to Configure Support Apps in Portal.

Other Integrated Apps

VIDIZMO’s flexible and open architecture allows you to easily integrate and leverage your existing IT investments, allowing you to build on VIDIZMO platform in the technology of your choice, host your application and content where you prefer, ingest content from different sources, and publish it where your audience exists.


VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box and seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010/2013. Viewers securely access channel content via SSO in familiar SharePoint interface. Other content management systems like Site Core, JIVE, WordPress, and Drupal etc. are also supported via VIDIZMO Widgets.

Learning Management Systems

VIDIZMO works with all major Learning Management Systems like Moodle, Blackboard, Desire2Learn etc. User also has the ability to export interactive rich media presentations as a SCORM object, launch it via existing LMS, track score and view progress in LMS.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers can configure the SSO, Tracking and Support apps.