Single Sign-On (SSO) offers great benefits in the form of reduced costs, improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and compliance and security capabilities. However, it is important to carefully implement SSO using industry best practices and standard protocols in order to address any risks associated with enterprise security, identity loss, and malicious access attempts. Enterprise or cloud-based applications can strengthen and address these concerns by using a host of Identity Governance and multi-factor authentication solutions.

To learn more about SSO, click here on Understanding Single Sign-On

To learn about configuring Microsoft SSO App with VIDIZMO, read How to Setup SSO using Microsoft Live ID.


1. From your Portal's Homepage.

i. Use the top bar to Sign In to your Portal.

ii. Click on the Sign in with Microsoft Account button.

2. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Sign In Screen.

i.  Enter your Email, phone or Skype.

ii. Click on the Next button for enter password screen.

iii. Enter Password.

iv. Next, click on the Sign in button to proceed.

3. If you have entered the correct sign-in credentials, you will be redirected to the Portal Homepage.

Roles and Permissions

VIDIZMO allows all users to login to VIDIZMO using their Microsoft credentials, given that the Manager or Administrator of the Portal has configured Microsoft SSO App in Portal Settings of the Portal.