After uploading media (especially video or audio), the next thing to work on is "Clipping" which allows you to trim specific segments of your media or select specific segment(s) of your media to publish them as new media. VIDIZMO provides its users with the ability to clip media from media manager. Using this functionality one can trim away unwanted content at the beginning or end of the clip, or both.

Before you start

  • Only Manager+ users can Clip media.


1. From the Homepage, log in using a Moderator+ role and navigate to the Media Manager.

2. From the Media Manager screen.

ii. Click on the overflow menu of the media that needs to be clipped.

ii. Select Clip to proceed.

3. You'll be directed to the Clip Screen:

i. Select the clipping marker.

ii Or you can select the start time.

iii. Enter the end time of the video.

iv. Accuracy check is for precision in media size, bit rate, and audio bit rate for the clipped media. This check is enabled by default, unchecking it will speed up the clipping workflow but you may face the voice and video synchronization issues, therefore, it is ideal to remain this check enabled.

v. Select Transcode if you want to generate multiple renditions for your clipped media. The number of renditions generated would depend upon the enabled encoding profiles and the original video file which is being clipped.

vi. Select Generate Thumbnail, if you want to capture a new thumbnail for your clip. If it is unchecked, the thumbnail from the original media will be displayed on the clipped media.

vii. Click on the icon.


viii. When you click on the + icon video result will appear on the right-hand side of the screen and you can also edit and delete the selected clip.

Note: You can also add multiple clips from the same video using clipping marker or by selecting start time and end times for each clip as described above. VIDIZMO will stitch all of these clips together in a single video for you.

ix. Click on the Save as New or Save and Close button to proceed.

A popup will appear: Media has been published successfully.