Content moderation refers to the process of monitoring content submissions and applying a set of governance rules which define what is acceptable and what is not. These rules are derived by the user as per their organizational goals and objectives. VIDIZMO’s Administrators, Managers or Moderators have the ability to approve or reject content uploaded by a Contributor.

To ensure that no spam or unwanted content is uploaded on the Portal, the Manager or Administrator can enable content moderation through the Portal Settings >> Library >> User Generated Content tab. To learn more, click here on How to Enforce Content Moderation. Hence, any content uploaded by the Contributor will be submitted for approval by Moderator+ roles.

The Contributor can view the status of the uploaded content through the Uploaded tab in My Media. Note that if a user has the Contributor role in the Account/Portal, only then the user can access the Uploaded tab in My Media. On the other hand, VIDIZMO Moderator+ roles can publish or reject media. Moreover, they can also save the submitted media again as a draft.

An email is sent to the Manager+ roles if any content is uploaded by a Contributor. Once content has been approved/rejected, an email will be sent to the Contributor. Users can specify the subscriptions settings and can subscribe or unsubscribe to emails through the Edit Profile option from the Personal Profile screen.