VIDIZMO’s General Settings allow users to update basic information about the organization in their Portal to familiarize users with the application and help them be continually associated with the organization's vision. Users can add Portal Title & Description and About Us Page that creates a distinct identity and assist the visitors in understanding the purpose of the portal.

Portal Title and Description

The Portal Title can be seen at several places such as Portal menu, Navigation Menu, All Portals page, Emails, etc. On the other hand, the Portal Description appears on the Portal's media library page, and Join Portal page.

In order to learn about the steps to carry out these changes, read more about it here: How to Change Portal Title and Description.

About Us Page

The about us page is generally used by all types of organizations to give users more insights into who is involved with a given business and exactly what it does.  VIDIZMO allows you to define an About Us page with just a few clicks which helps you showcase your company and people profile in a nice and clean way.

In order to learn about steps that are required to define About Us Page read: How to Define About Us Page

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers can add or update the General Settings of the Portal.