VIDIZMO users can change their password in case they forget it. To change the password, users are required to have a valid and registered email address with VIDIZMO.

A reset password email will be generated for the users to change the password. Users who have not completed their registration process with VIDIZMO will be requested to complete their registration first before changing their password.

By default, the reset link generated for the user is valid for one day (i.e. 24 hours) after which the link expires automatically. However, this setting can be reconfigured by VIDIZMO. The new password set by a user must comply with the Password Policy defined by VIDIZMO. 

To learn about Password Policy, read more about it here: Viewing and Updating User Profile.


All Authenticated Users (Federated Users excluded) can utilize the Forgot Passwordfeature.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the Sign In on the top right.


2. On the Sign In page, click on the Forgot Password?.

3. Once you are on the Forgot Your Password page: 

i. Enter your Email Address used when registering with VIDIZMO.

ii. Click on the Submit button.


4. The following notification will be displayed:

5. You will receive an email message containing the link to reset your password. 

Note: The link is only valid for 24 hours.


6. Click on the reset password link in the email and you will be directed to the Change Password page.

i. Enter a New Password. 

ii. Re-enter password to confirm.

iii. Click on the Update button.

7. On the Sign In page:

i. Enter your email address and password.

ii. Click on the Sign In button.

You will be logged in successfully.

Roles and Permissions

  • All Authenticated Users (Federated Users excluded) are allowed to reset their password for accessing the Account/Portal.