Providing comments is an effective way of giving feedback. However, comments also invite responses to a conversation that is either unwanted, unsuitable or inconsistent with your organization's policies. Comment moderation allows you to have control over the discussions carried out on the content posted.


1. From the Portals's Homepage,

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii Click on Media Manager.

2. On Media Manager screen,

i. Click on the Comments tab. The Comments screen has three tabs Approved, Pending and Rejected. When you click on the main Comments tab, the Pending tab is displayed by default and all comments received for moderation appear here. The green circle next to the label indicates the number of comments received for moderation.

ii. Select the Pending tab to see all comments submitted for moderation by users.

iii. Use the Select All checkbox to select all the comments at once.

iv. The comments can also be selected individually by clicking on the checkbox on the left of the comment.

v. The checkboxes on the left of the comments turn green with a check mark in them to indicate that the comment is selected.

vi. The Reject, Approve & Delete buttons, inactive before, become active for use, allowing users to perform bulk operation on the comments to reject, approve or delete them. 

3. On the Playback screen, the comments are now visible to the viewer after moderation.

Note: Comments Deleted or Rejected from under the Approved tab also get removed from the Playback screen.

Roles and Permissions

Moderators, Managers and Administrators are able to moderate comments posted by authorized users.