VIDIZMO search works on all metadata, including titles, tags, description, long description, category, the author as well as all the content that is part of a published video (in case of rich video file, there can be closed captions, ppt, documents etc. where all such content is indexed and searchable). Search works globally to get all media across all the Portals within an account or to perform a search within any specific Portal. For example, based upon permissions assigned to the user, a search can be performed to bring up results which match keywords defined in entities such as Tags, Author Name, Closed Captions, Category names and those defined as Custom Attributes. When the search is performed from the Portal's Homepage or the Portal's Library, VIDIZMO will look into these entities to bring up the results. 

VIDIZMO's search uses a relevance-based mechanism, which means that the searched Media with the highest weight will appear first. To narrow down the search, users can also filter the media, where the search engine takes the entire media uploaded to the portal into consideration and removes items based on the filters set by the users.

To learn more, read Understanding Search in VIDIZMO.

Here's how you can search content from the Media Manager:

Search Content from Media Library

1. Log in using a Manager+ role and from the Account/ Portal's Homepage:

i. Enter a search term or part of the term in the search bar.

ii. Click on the search icon to initiate the search.


2. Search results are displayed in the Media Library:

i. This is the searched term.

ii. Searched term against which results are fetched. Clicking on the "x" on this tag clears the search results.

iii. Searched term present in the Video's title

iv. Searched term present in the Video's description

v. Searched term present in the Video's tags

Search Content from Media Manager

1. From the Account/ Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the overflow menu on the extreme top-left corner to expand the main Navigation Pane.

ii. From the left navigation pane, click on the Media Manager

2. When you are on the Media Manager screen:
i. Use the search bar on the right-hand side to enter your search term.

ii. All those videos that have the searched term in their Titles, Description, Tags or anywhere in the metadata, will be listed in the search results.

Applying Filters to Narrow Down Search Results

1. VIDIZMO's faceted search allows you to further narrow down your search results by applying filters. 

i. The media thumbnail panel has a section with the heading Filter By where all the filter options are listed.

ii. The options under Filter By are further expanded into sub-filters for more granular search control.

3. On the Media Library screen:

i. By default, all available filters are collapsed under the "Filter By" heading. 

ii. Clicking on the down arrow expands the list of filters.

4. Among the filters, Processed State and Video Type appear by default while other filters appear when custom attributes are set up for the video from the Media Settings >> Custom tab. 

i. Each filter may have sub-filters depending on the way information was provided for the Video.

ii. Among the search results, each filter further mentions how many videos are tagged. In the example below, there is only one video that has a transcription. If you select this filter, all other search results will be cleared. As you select or unselect a filter, the results get filtered on the right-hand side.

Note: Custom attributes can be created from Admin >> PortalSettings >> Library >> Custom Attributes. Click here to learn more on How to Manage Custom Attributes.

5. The following image displays a video searched by the term "webinar" and of all the videos that contain this term, the video by Elizabeth Jones has the Closed Captions.

Roles and Permissions

Moderators, Managers and Administrators can search and filter in Media Manager.