VIDIZMO allows users to download published media files (i.e. audio, video, documents, or images) for later use if needed.

The media should be made available for download while uploading or in the Media Settings for previously uploaded media. To enable downloading, the Allow Downloading option should be enabled in Media Settings.

There are two ways to download media files:

i. From Media Management (Administrator, Manager, Moderator)

ii. From Playback Page (Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer)

To learn about disclaimers, click on How to Add a Disclaimer Message on Media Download.

Here is how you can download media files:


1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the Media Manager to select the media which needs to be deleted.
ii. Towards the bottom right-hand side, click on the overflow menu to expand the list of operations that can be performed on the media.

iii. Select the Download option.

2. If the Administrator has specified a disclaimer message, a popup window with the disclaimer message will be displayed. Click Ok to proceed.

3.  The next screen will let you select the desired rendition that the media was saved in. Select the option to download by clicking on the link or right-click and Save Target As.

Roles and Permissions

  • Moderator+ role and those users who are the part of a group having Allow users to download Media permission (which would be enabled by default) will be able to download media, provided the download option is enabled on that media. To learn more about it, read Understanding User Groups to Manage Access Rights and Permissions