VIDIZMO allows you to capture, upload and update a thumbnail for digital media files, making it easy to recognize and organize them. You can either:

i. Capture thumbnail from within the video

ii. Select and upload a thumbnail of your choice

A thumbnail can be uploaded from either of the following steps:

i. During the uploading process 


ii. From the Media Manager after uploading the video (Moderator+ roles)

The following are the ideal pixel dimensions for any digital media upload thumbnail: 




Note: When a user uploads any digital media file on VIDIZMO, it will first check whether that file is in .mp4 or playable in HTML5 and the thumbnail will be created automatically. However, if that file is not in .mp4 format or playable in HTML5, then thumbnail will be created when the file is in the transcoding state. You can view the list of supported formats of audio and video in HTML by clicking here.

Here is how you can capture and upload a media thumbnail:

Steps to Capture Thumbnail
1. Click on the red Add New Media (+) icon towards the bottom right-hand corner.

2. You will be redirected to the Add New Media page. Click on Upload Video box to upload your media files.

3. From the Upload Video screen, drag-and-drop videos in the box or click on the link Click here to Upload

4. For videos playable in HTML5 format, VIDIZMO captures a thumbnail automatically. However, you can also capture a thumbnail of your choice from the same video. On the Basic tab, click on the Capture icon to bring up the video playback screen.

5. Upon clicking the Capture icon, the video will playback:

i. On reaching your desired snapshot, click on the Capture button (check mark).

ii. The check mark changes to a pulsating icon to indicate thumbnail capture process. Once the process completes, your captured thumbnail will appear next to the video for your preview.

iii. Click on the Upload to Cloud icon to upload your desired thumbnail.

iv. Finally, click on Save button for the changes to take effect.


6. The selected thumbnail will be updated where ever the media appears.  


Note: You can only upload thumbnail from the Media Settings screen.

Roles and Permissions

Contributor+ roles can upload or capture thumbnails while uploading media.