VIDIZMO supports the migration of existing large video libraries via automated upload and encoding process. VIDIZMO Publisher is content ingestion and conversion tool that monitors video files in pre-defined watch folders and queues videos for upload in designated portals using pre-defined settings. The encoding process kicks off as soon as the upload is completed. VIDIZMO automatically encodes each video file in multiple formats and resolutions for optimum playback on various devices.

For this process, VIDIZMO need would need access to the video library in order to review existing files along with content metadata and plan the migration process. In case a proprietary video format has been used in the existing library, VIDIZMO professional services team can evaluate and develop a custom script/plugin to extract and convert videos in standard h.264 based files in MP4 containers. This may require support from the provider or owner of a proprietary format.

Once all content has been migrated VIDIZMO team shall test it to ensure the quality of data and playback on multiple devices.