Whether you have a small or large media library, VIDIZMO provides a very intuitive media management tool for Portal managers to organize, search, edit, moderate, assign metadata, publish media and to generate embed codes or create playlists and collections.

Organize all types of media in one place

Portal managers can store, organize all of their videos, audio, images, documents etc. in their Portal media library, search and sort based on keywords, tags, categories, most recent etc.


Portal managers and moderators can add and edit content title, descriptions, tags, categories, custom attributes and other Meta data at any point in time.

Drag and Drop Playlists:

Simply drag and drop your published media in a list to create Playlists, enforce completion or playback in specific order and control automatic playback and looping behavior.

Moderation Workflows:

Portal managers and moderators can review content before it is published to Portals in user generated content scenarios. More advanced workflows can be implemented for various editorial team roles.

Schedule Media Publishing:

Each media can be scheduled for publishing and archival on specific dates.

Capture Thumbnails:

If you want to change the automatically captured thumbnails, you can capture it directly from the video with a built-in thumbnail capture tool or upload your own.
Content Sharing:
Portal managers can share content within each other for content re-use to share media management control.