Whether you are a media publisher, content owner, an enterprise business, a government department, or an educational institute, content security is of utmost importance and a key challenge. VIDIZMO was designed to be highly secure from the ground up and to meet the security requirements of both IT and business users with the following security features:

Control Channel & Viewing Access:

Use out-of-the-box Portal templates to control who gets access to your Portal content, or customize Portal and viewing access as you see fit for specific users or groups. You can also publish content for a specific time period.

Single Sign-On:

Use your existing authentication directory services or database to provide single sign-on experience to your viewers. Read more at Understanding Single-Sign-On.

Password Protect Videos:

You can add another layer of protection by applying an additional password to your videos.

Login & Stream Encryption:

Prevent password snooping and content theft by securing login and streaming video over HTTPS encrypted protocol.

Trusted Domains:

Only allow playback of your content from specific trusted domains.

DRM (Digital Rights Management):

VIDIZMO provides ultimate and best in class content protection using Microsoft PlayReady and other DRM solutions. DRM ensures your videos remain encrypted throughout the process from ingestion, storage, streaming, and even after download if allowed.

Audit Trails:

Monitor and track every move and actions were taken by admins, Portal managers, moderators, etc.

Security for both Public and Private Clouds:

With VIDIZMO you can enjoy cost savings of a public or private cloud while keeping your content secure. VIDIZMO is hosted in state-of-the-art Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 data centers with HIPPA/HITECH BAA availability.

Behind Firewall Storage & Streaming:

In case you are not yet ready for the cloud, you choose to store and stream your videos behind your firewall with on-premises encoding so that your content never leaves your premises.

100% On-Premise Hosting:

You can choose to host the whole solution including VIDIZMO software and your content on your own infrastructure to maintain complete control.

Read more: Different Levels Of Security Layers Available In VIDIZMO.