VIDIZMO excels at both, content/user segregation and delegation of their management to internal organizational units/entities/departments, granting them complete control, while also providing complete privacy and independence to each organizational unit. This is made possible by the multi-tenant nature of VIDIZMO application where each Portal is a tenant, allowing complete segregation of content and users. Within Portals, unlimited categories, user groups, and roles can be created that can be customized to fit varying business needs. By default, each Portal has its own Managers, Moderators, and Contributors to manage its content and users.

Each Portal may also connect to its own user authentication sources such as Active Directory, Database, Social Media Login, or Forms-based authentication. VIDIZMO AD Connector software may pre-position users within VIDIZMO software and map users/groups with specific Portals. To achieve similar business goals, VIDIZMO competitors typically require multiple licenses of their product and each product will require separate installation, management, and control.