Keeping digital content in control is a challenge that organizations face. There should be a mechanism that enables the media managers to only let entitled audience gain access to their digital content. 

How about authenticating users just when they attempt to playback the media on an embedded player? This could be achieved by using VIDIZMO's SSO widget. 


VIDIZMO’s SSO widget will be embedded into the user's CMS to make sure that only authenticated users can access VIDIZMO widgets. VIDIZMO's widgets include video player, image player, audio player, transcription, or AI Insights. Once the authenticated user tries to access the widget for the first time, the SSO widget will first ask the user to confirm his legitimacy; no organization is willing to allow random people to view their media. 

This SSO widget will first check within the VIDIZMO portal if the Identity Provider(IdP) such Azure AD, Okta, Google, etc. is configured. If the IdP is configured, this widget will take the user information from the IdP. The user will then be able to enter his credentials (Email/name and password). 

Upon successful authentication of the user, a token is created for that user and VIDIZMO will efficiently store this token as a cookie into the user’s system. When a user whose token is generated tries to access that widget, it will be accessible without the need to login again.

Note: If the users have been provisioned within the VIDIZMO portal already, they will be assigned their respective roles. However, if the user has logged in using SSO; their role would be contributor or viewer according to the VIDIZMO portal settings 

How to authenticate users

In order to avail VIDIZMO’s advanced content and user segregation capabilities, the user access to VIDIZMO Widgets can be controlled via the following ways: 

Single Sign-On

Widget API Token

User Credentials

If you wish to use a third-party Identity Provider service, VIDIZMO provides seamless integration with various single sign-on authentication providers

The user can avail the option to log in by being redirected to the login page of your preferred IDP. When you sign in here, the IDP shall pass on an auth token to VIDIZMO which shall then be passed onto your application for authentication.

When the widget is embedded in a customer’s system, the users of that system are not automatically added to the VIDIZMO portal and hence, will be unable to use the widgets. The customer will have to provide with the user details and the API token that can only be generated by an Admin or manager within the VIDIZMO portal

VIDIZMO seamlessly integrates with your web application by exchanging certain key user profile information. This information is then used to register your applications’ user as a “Viewer” in VIDIZMO Portal. 

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