Nov 3, 2021

 What's New

  • VIDIZMO has now integrated MS Teams with new features to discover and be fascinated. Also, do not forget, they are time savers.

  • It allows users to ingest all the content in teams by simply selecting a channel, then drives, and then the folder they would like to ingest the content.

  • All the content is ingested and is playable within VIDIZMO. 

  • It allows its users to collaborate using their MS Teams app, where they can share their files such as documents, images, videos, audio, etc.

  • You can now also record videos using MS Teams App.

  • The content is stored on the user’s shared SharePoint drive and OneDrive.  

  • The developer can now push in the following widgets into their website by simply copy-pasting a few following lines of code and Vola!

  • Image playback widget

  • Survey playback widget 

  • Quiz playback widget

  • Document playback widget

 Bug Fixes

  • Well, the some itsy-bitsy we had, have been resolved now. 
  • Default starting time was not displayed for the quiz, survey, and handouts, but we can view the default starting time after the fix. Way to go!

  • Our UI for user search placeholder has become bang on also with a pinch of elegance.

  • The ascending order of the speed rates was missing, but don’t worry, we have fixed that and now you can order the playback speed within the playback player.

  • Sorry for the bummer, guys. You need to pass the quiz now. The user was shown a “Quiz passed” message even when the user failed the quiz, fixed, and applied validation.


Let’s highlight the improvements now, shall we: 

  • We have enhanced our search, and the results shown are much more accurate.

  • Bounding boxes now adapt according to the screen size even when you click, hold, and go full screen. 

  • We have added offline download icons in the Desktop App. Yay!

  • We have made progress in our quiz. Formerly, the user could not skip; however, now they can skip, reattempt, or replay the quiz in between a video.
  • We can implement export and delete functionality in the user profile page for “Rejected”, “Disabled”, and “Deleted Users”. The user will be able to export and delete the data in compliance with GDPR, which was impossible before within their VIDIZMO portal.