What's New

Image Redaction

  • VIDIZMO’s Redaction Tool never ceases to evolve and is more efficient with every passing day. The latest addition to the Redaction Tool will assist officers in getting photographs, screen grabs and snapshots ready to be presented in trials and up for court hearings – and that addition is Image Redaction!
    Besides videos users can now run object detection jobs on images as well. Users can select multiple images from media manager and open process popup to generate visual insights on the selected images. Visual Insights includes all the AI Object Detection Models. The detected objects/insights will now be listed Studio Space and Playback page.
    Using Studio Space, users will be able to redact the detected objects and manually draw bounding boxes on image to redact them.

 Bug Fixes

  • VIDIZMO offers a very strong search feature with advanced capabilities that you won’t get to see on other enterprise solution vendors offering advanced searches.
    A little bug needed some swatting where the search on the Featured Media was not taking input properly. But no need to fuss over it – it's as good as if it never existed.

  • Redaction is a gem for both of VIDIZMO’s products. But sometimes we need to bring in the teams to swat some pesky bugs.
    One bug we just squished out of existence was that Redaction Settings images in Studio Space was not loading.


  • Not sure if you are connected to your configured endpoint? Could cause trouble if you’re not and there’s no way to find out. But hey, we got you covered!
    The “Test connection” button in your Webhook app in order to test the created connection against your configured endpoint is now changed into a link. Easy peasy!

  • Want to see if your Webhook app is active or inactive?
    Well here’s the update just for you!
    The state of Webhook app being either active or unactive is now shown on integration app page against the relevant app so that you don’t have to check the status of app after opening app settings form.