What's New

Web Hooks

Another feature worth noting for its high usability and vast applications is the newest on VIDIZMO’s roster of features – Web Hooks!
Want to trigger an action in another application in your business using a simple event that occurs here in VIDIZMO’s portal? Just that statement alone is vague enough to leave your mind with endless possibilities! (Don’t get too confuzzled thinking about it)
VIDIZMO introduced Webhooks through using which you can now inform external third party systems regarding the events taking place in VIDIZMO portal.  The payload sent to the configured system contains all the data related to the triggered event which help you to take any relevant action according to your business requirement. All you need to utilize this powerful functionality is any web application able to accept http post requests.
Multiple VIDIZMO webhook apps can be created registered against different third party systems.

 Bug Fixes

  • DeepSpeech is no longer a part of VIDIZMO as an offeror of Speech-to-Text Services. Bye DeepSpeech!

  • A bulk user workflow was failing – but all failures often lead to success, such as our team succeeding at pinpointing what was wrong to prevent the workflow from failing no more!

  • A few tweaks were done to fix Pagination and searching in Audit Log list, which earlier was not working properly.

  • Looks like some categories are a little shy to show up twice on the modal, as reopening the VIDIZMO Indexer modal was not showing the selected categories. No worries though, we have it all sorted.

  • A little bug that needed to be squished – thumbnails not generating from the Azure Media Indexer in a few instances.

  • A lot of things in life are irrelevant to the cause we dedicate ourselves to.
    Wow, wisdom.
    Well, speaking of irrelevance, a few content types showing up in Encoding Profiles were rather irrelevant. But VIDIZMO team knows what’s important, so we hacked off what’s not. Easy peasy time save-y.

  • Copy-Paste before you edit is one of the principle- wait. The workflow just failed and popped up an exception. That’s not supposed to happen.
    And that won’t be happening no more. The issue has been resolved for the workflow of Copy media (Document, SCORM) failing with exceptions.