What's New

AI Model for Weapons on Premise

Weapons are crucial to any matters regarding law enforcement. Knowing what weapons are used in a crime, the intensity/frequency of their usage and other elements acts as great insight on criminal investigations, often assisting in apprehending culprits as well.
VIDIZMO, with its constant updates that maximize the capabilities AI and ML have to offer, adds in a new element to further enrich its indexer – Automatic Weapon Detection.
With this feature, VIDIZMO allows users to detect weapons used and their frequency in a footage, such as a CCTV recording. Initially, we have employed machine learning algorithms to detect weapons across a single class i.e., "gun". This technique enables VIDIZMO indexer to read weapons quickly and automatically, without the need for human intervention.
With this feature, no gun shall escape the Indexer’s sight! *plays Bond music in the background*

Category Count

Category Count is an important feature that fits for several different use cases in varying ways. The total count of media present across categories/folders/subcategories/subfolders is either displayed or hidden.
Moreover, you can also enable count rollup which would sum-up the count and media of category and its respective category. i.e., if a user is inside a parent category, then you will be able to view the media present in that category as well as the media present in all its sub-categories.
Pretty nifty, right?

 Bug Fixes

  • Flagging is crucial for keeping a check on evidence uploaded to the system. It assists the user in establishing evidence integrity by monitoring every process that occurs on the evidence media.
    But if the feature doesn’t work how it was originally intended too, there can be problems.
    Fortunately, the VIDIZMO team were capable of grasping and grabbing these “bugs” and throwing them out of the system entirely. The issue has been detected, amended, and resolved.