What's New

Certificates of Completion

Doesn't it feel nice to have a sense of accomplishment, when you complete a milestone of some sort, perhaps academically or in a corporate setting? We know for sure it does, and to meet such use cases and many others, VIDIZMO launches a brand new feature – the Certificate of Completion!
Upon reaching the completion criteria set by Manager+ roles, users will be awarded a certificate for the respective media in their portal. Manager+ roles can also add & edit these certificates in the Portal Settings > Library, where they find all existing certificates listed. The concept of Certificate Templates is very similar to Transcription Templates in VIDIZMO. Certificates can be assigned to multiple media types such as:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Quiz
  • Playlist

 Bug Fixes

  • Evidence flagging allows users to be notified of all significant activity being performed on any evidence file in the system. But what is setting up flagging for any evidence throws you an exception!?
    Outrageous! How will law enforcers track the integrity of evidence now!?
    Relax, the issue is done and dusted faster than it was detected. The mild occurrence has been toned down to a null percentile of showing up again, so feel free to flag every evidence you need to keep an extra eye on!

  • Widgets sure are nifty in making VIDIZMO’s integration possible everywhere. But what if the Widget app fails to authenticate you? Maybe it doesn’t trust you enough *inserts eye roll here*
    Fortunately for you, the bug of the Widget app giving an exception upon authentication has been resolved. No more trust issues here!

  • Toast sounds great for breakfast or with a cup of tea. But what doesn’t sound great is an error toast showing up. Especially when you are doing everything right.
    That’s an incident that occurred to some of our users, who reported an error toast popping up upon successfully logging in. Looking into the issue we discovered a certain permission to be causing the problem.
    No worries, though. We went through the matter and sorted it out ASAP.