Bug Fixes

  • VIDIZMO Setup Wizard allows you to configure Azure Media Services with ease, with an initial set up of your Portal's Storage Provider and Transcoder, allowing for a seamless user experience throughout the application usage.
    But life gets bumpy with bugs along the way, and the same applies over here. Configuring with the setup wizard sometimes led to no storage containers being created. No storage = no uploads.
    Fortunately, this was not much of a challenge at all and our team managed to resolve it shortly. Upload failure due to no storage containers created when configuring Azure Media Services with the setup wizard is now fixed!

  • The “Share with me” tab allows users to access all content assigned to/shared with them. However, a nasty little bug wasn’t letting our users see what their Manager(s) assigned to them.
    Manager roles can see it all but that doesn’t mean users won’t see what their Managers assigned to them.
    Hence, we had it taken under control in a fraction of time and the issue of content not being listed has been resolved.

  • Digital Evidence Management requires evidence to be processed for further examination and to meet several legal requirements. However, upon certain processing initiations, the browser console drops an error – Find Error (the ‘Find’ call crashed on evidence processing).
    But no worries, the issue has been resolved!

  • VIDIZMO DEMS offers flexibility when it comes to integration, and multiple elements to establish control who may access Portal Settings to set up and modify integrations.
    However, a certain bug created an unauthorized exception when authorized users tried to access the Integration section of Portal Settings.
    Well, for that all we gotta say is – We saw, we tested, and we fixed it like it never was there.
    Now you can access portal settings with ease, unless you actually are “unauthorized personnel”.

  • Our portals are diverse and contain multiple elements to offer the maximum amount of features while retaining the best user experience we can offer.
    However, at a certain point certain users noticed a bug in the portals with the dropdown icon following along as you scroll down the page. But no need to fret over it – we have it sorted before it could be an annoyance to anyone.

  • Timed data allows us to pinpoint the positioning of elements in a media file. However, a particular bug created an issue which did not render the time stamps for timed data in the Insights panel of a video.
    This issue rendered timed data useless for the most part, thus making it crucial for urgent repair which has been accomplished by the VIDIZMO team.
    Now, you can manually input timed data with 5 second gaps and still get every single stamp displayed in the Insights panel.