What’s New

  • Migration to .NET5 Framework & Transformation to Microservices Architecture: This is a long-awaited update to the new, stable, secure, and fast .NET5 version 5.0. VIDIZMO has also transformed its architecture to Micro Services Architecture. This Architecture increases flexibility, scalability, and reusability. It allows services to run independently, which can be independently deployed too.
  • KAFKA: Now, VIDIZMO has integrated KAFKA as a message broker for communication between microservices. It allows deployment on SaaS as well as on-premise. It also ensures high-throughput, low-latency, durability, scalability, and high-concurrency. 
  • Import Media API Endpoint: Have your content on a third-party storage and would like to ingest it within VIDIZMO? VIDIZMO Import API allows you to do this while ensuring the highest level of security. This endpoint allows authenticated users to import all sorts of contents including video, audio, documents, and images by tweaking just some attributes in the request body of Import API. 
  • Download Media API Endpoint: Download Media API endpoint allows authenticated external users to download published media from VIDIZMO portal. Moreover, you can also choose rendition and download media in that rendition. 
  • Widgets Authentication Using Client Secret: We have widgets that help you embed parts of the VIDIZMO application inside another application or site. You can now play secure media using this widget and users will not need to sign in for every video. VIDIZMO widget will smartly use the client-secret, application-id, and user’s email address (registered within VIDIZMO) and play protected media if the user has been assigned access to it.