Jan 10, 2022

  What's New

  Azure Cognitive services multilingual 

  • Now, you can even securely use AI services On-Prem for your multilingual video content (Speech Language Detection, Transcription, Closed Captioning, Keyword Extraction, and Optical Character Recognition) through Azure Cognitive Services. Best part of all? If you have videos with up to 4 spoken languages (out of 22 supported languages), their spoken languages can be auto-detected and automatically transcribed.

Export of Transcription File in multiple formats 

  • Introducing new options to export transcripts not only as CSV files but also as DocX (Word) or PDF files. But that’s not all! Users can design their own transcription templates (with transcribed text as well as video attributes of your choosing, like speaker tags). Based on this, a mashup transcript can be downloaded.

 Bug Fixes

  • Mistakenly searched “CEO” as “ceo” on our Language editor? Well, now our search in the language editor is no longer case sensitive. Users can search with either lower or upper case letters.

  • We noticed users were not able to change detected language for multilingual transcripts in VIDIZMO’s transcription pane. No need to worry! This problem has been resolved.

  • Upon video playback, translation language was reverting back to the default language. We have updated it to ensure that closed captions remain in the language chosen by the users.

  • It seemed like Closed Captions and the transcription pane were not getting along. That is no longer the case! Closed Captions are now synced with the text displayed in the VIDIZMO’s transcription pane.

  • Using Azure AD SCIM with portal configured on directory and running into authentication error? We've got you covered!