The transcription pane in VIDIZMO allows users to export the transcript file. To set up the attributes of the media to be included in the exported file, VIDIZMO provides transcription templates and a rich WYSIWYG editor to let the users edit the transcription templates to export the transcript the way how they want it. In this article, we will discuss the transcription templates provided in VIDIZMO. 

When a transcript is exported, it does not only include the transcribed text from the media, but also the attributes of the media such as speaker tags, translation, and other insights. With templates, you can include or exclude those attributes. 

Before you start

  • Manager+ roles can edit the transcription templates.

Go to Transcription Templates

1. log in to the VIDIZMO portal  

i. Click on the menu icon to open the navigation pane

ii. Go to Portal Settings

2. From Portal Settings,  

i. Click on the Library to expand options

ii. Click on Transcription Templates

3. You will see the transcription templates   

i. The default templates are available, you can preview the templates by clicking the name (eg: tabular format)

The template for tabular format looks like the following:

ii. Click on Add template to create a new template of your choice. To understand the variables see: Understanding Transcription Templates

4.  To add a template according to your requirements, use the variables described in the above-mentioned article.

     i. Include the attributes that you want to include in the transcript

     ii. Preview the template by clicking Preview or save the template by clicking save. Cancel if you want to discard the                     template.

Edit a Template

1. Default templates are not editable, to edit a template click on the Clone template button

  2. A copy of the default template will be generated

   i. Click on the Edit template button to edit, click on Delete if the copy is not required

3. The edit template will open the WYSIWYG editor where you can modify the template

   i. Modify the template by adjusting the variables

   ii. Click on Preview to preview the modified template, click on Update to save the edited template