Nov 23, 2021

  What's New

  Multi-lingual transcription 

  • Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Have people speaking multiple languages in a single video? Our AI can now transcribe multiple languages and show them in a single file. We support only 4 languages using Azure at the moment, but we plan to expand include more languages and explore more of the world.

 Bug Fixes

  • Our video analytics and QOE reports were taken a bit of time of load, which now have warmed up and open up swiftly as they should.

  • Our search was showing up random characters when the language was switched to Japanese. We have done a language course as a refresher and it all works well now.  

  • Insights for a video were not being displayed if it was played through a playlist, which too now has been fixed. 


  • Our search helps you quickly find what you need, and it just got faster. This is because we have further improved the response time of our search results.  

  • A little bit of changes and our resource files now load faster and more seamlessly.

  • While on the topic of optimization, we also noticed that audio files were taking too long when uploaded using the AWS indexer. Optimized that one as well!