Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration tool which makes it easier for organizations to collaborate and share data among people within the organization. Its video conferencing capabilities also enables the organizations to host conferences and record them too.

Where Microsoft Teams does wonders in bringing forth solutions by catering the business pains faced by the organization by allowing them to collaborate and share data in real-time, VIDIZMO empowers such collaboration solutions with its out-of-the-box content hosting, storage, and management capabilities to make the valuable discussions and ideas live forever.



How, we at VIDIZMO, integrate with MS Teams revolves around the following technical concepts that need to be understood.

  1. Configuring Azure AD App at the portal level.
  2. How MS Teams content will be fetched from MS Teams Cloud storage and uploaded into the VIDIZMO Portal.
  3. How to track the synchronization between VIDIZMO and MS Teams at any given time.

Understanding Configuration level details

The first step in the integration of MS Teams with VIDIZMO is to configure the Azure AD App details such as the Client Id, Client Secret, and Tenant Id against which the MS Teams have been configured at the organization.


Note: Only Manager+ users can configure the Azure AD App details within the VIDIZMO portal.

Fetching content from MS Teams

VIDIZMO's powerful integration lets you control how you want to import your organization's content shared on MS Teams into your VIDIZMO Portal. Following is a guide to help you understand what each option, while configuring your MS Teams App, has in store for you:

  • We will only process and fetch the content on your MS Teams Cloud storage which are associated with the Azure AD account that has been logged in.
  • You can choose to fetch the content from a specific Team, specific Drive, and a folder. You can also choose multiple folders from which you want to fetch the content from and we will fetch the content for you.
  • You can also choose how would you like to ingest the content into VIDIZMO portal - whether you want to ingest the content into your personalized library as private (content not accessible to anyone within the portal) or would you like to ingest the content by applying the default portal settings.

Sync Process

VIDIZMO also allows you to keep track of the sync process so you can always stay up-to-date with the content you need from MS Teams Storage cloud.

Here are some details about how the synchronization works:

As soon as you enable the toggle button of your MS Teams App, a workflow will be initiated to fetch content from your MS Teams Account, this workflow will be reinitiated upon any changes made to the app's configuration settings or its state (on/off). You can track the sync process of your application using the below metrics displayed against your MS Teams App when MS Teams App when activated:

  • Sync Process: This will display values such as Running, Finished to indicate the status of sync. In case of a failure, it will also show an error.
  • Last Synced Attempt: This will return the latest instance in a local date-time format at which our processor fetched videos from MS Teams Cloud storage. This helps you keep informed on the sync status of your files in the VIDIZMO Portal.


This integration will allow you to seamlessly fetch your MS Teams content here in VIDIZMO Portal, with a few clicks of app configuration. Below is a detailed user flow to help you understand what you can ideally achieve when you sync your MS Teams content to VIDIZMO Portal:

  • When you share content within MS Teams, it gets uploaded to the MS Teams cloud storage i.e. Sharepoint. Our VIDIZMO Workflow that runs at a frequency of every minute, will request the new content and start processing it and upload it to Portal.
  • After successful thumbnail capture, transcoding, and content processing, the content is published in the portal as a content On-Demand content.

To learn more about how to integrate MS Teams with you VIDIZMO Portal, see: How to integrate MS Teams with VIDIZMO.