Oct 20, 2021

 What's New

  • Another collaboration tool in the bag. Now, we seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams. Users can share their files and ingest content such as documents, images, videos, and audio by simply selecting a channel while they are readily playable within. This is just an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). More feature enhancements are on their way.

  • Have it your way, have it hassle-free. The developer can now embed the following widgets into their own website by copy-pasting a few lines of code:

  • Image playback widget

  • Survey playback widget 

  • Quiz playback widget

  • Document playback widget

 Bug Fixes

  • Now you can keep track of your starting time. Default starting time is now shown for quizzes, surveys, and handouts.

  • Looks matter and we understand that, so we made it elegant with improved UI for user search placeholder.

  • Be in order as the playback speed rates are now shown in ascending order for your ease.

  • We have fixed the message and applied validation so you can get the correct results of the quiz.


  • As relevant as it can be, we have improved our search and the results shown against the search.

  • Bounding boxes are now adjusted and can go full screen. It all happens according to your screen size, even when you click and hold them.

  • No internet? No worries! We have added offline download icons in the Desktop App.

  • Interactivity just got better so is the UX! Now the user will be able to skip, reattempt, or replay the quiz in between a video.
  • Keep it GDPR compliant! Because now a user can export and delete data in the user profile page for rejected, disabled, and deleted users.