In our hectic lives management of time in a way that we don’t waste our precious hours going through futile processes has become our priority . Looking for easy , convenient and speedy procedures is something we all are looking for . Bulk import not just decreases the effort and time but also dramatically minimizes the input errors . Bulk import functionality can be utilized by either importing in small batches or all at once . Bulk import not only makes the workflow ridiculously simple but also helps you to identify and then correct the inaccurate ones altogether by viewing the result CSV.  


The concept behind this functionality was to provide user the facility to be able to import a huge number of groups and users altogether . Apart from it you can also make your desired users part of an existing group or a group that is currently non existent but will be created once the import is completed .

Though VIDIZMO was already providing an option to add users through Add Users option by adding the emails of desired users but the registration process was not taking place at the same time . Additionally , We were also not able to create groups by that functionality and the quantity of users that we can add through that functionality is not even close to the amount of bulk that we are able to import through this feature . 

For already active , pending and disabled users we are only updating there groups and roles through this CSV . 

To learn about the complete procedure of bulk importing users and groups through CSV click here


Understanding The Modal of Bulk Import Using CSV 

The modal for CSV bulk file is providing a link to our template which you can adjust according to your need and you can also visit our guidelines link incase you face any difficulty . Additionally it is also providing you an option to choose a file from your system directly . After editing or browsing you can simply click on Upload  .  

There is a separate checkbox beneath Choose File option named as “Send Email Forcefully” the functionality behind this checkbox makes sure to either send emails to imported users regarding their credentials and any events occurred related to this scenario or not to notify them at all incase you uncheck this box .

Note: The checkbox of Send Email Forcefully is enabled by default .

CSV File

The maximum size for a CSV file that you can upload is 50MB which is large enough to hold a massive amount of data . Our CSV consists of following important mandatory or optional columns which are as follows 

  • First Name 

      This is a mandatory field which means if you don’t provide First Name for any certain user our system will skip that user and start importing other users .  It is acceptable in multiple formats

  • Last Name 

         This is also a mandatory field which means if you don’t provide Last Name for any certain user our system will skip that user and start importing other users . It is accepted in multiple formats as well .

  • Email

        This is also a mandatory field which means if you don’t provide us Email for any certain user our system will skip that user and start importing other users .


  • Password 

           This is an optional field which becomes mandatory incase of Manager+ unchecking the checkbox of notifications as we will not be able to send email to user for registering his/her password . Our system will skip that user in such scenario and will start importing others .


  • Role

            This is an optional field through which Manager+ can assign any role to the desired user .

VIDIZMO currently have 5 roles listed below :

  1. Administrator
  2. Manager
  3. Moderator
  4. Contributor
  5. Viewer

Incase of Manager+ not assigning any role to user it will be set to 

  •  Group   

         This is an optional field . Groups can be created and assigned as well by using CSV through this functionality . You can make any user a part of single or multiple groups by mentioning its name against the user . If a nonexistent group is mentioned in CSV then it will be created . Every user in VIDIZMO is already a part of All Users group by default .

The recommended format for CSV file in UTF-8 format .

Progress of CSV Import 

You can simply check the progress of your CSV import by expanding Admin tab from our Navigation menu and choosing   Control Panel from there then clicking on Workflows . Here the percentage of your upload will be visible or you can simply click on Workflows icon on your top right beside your Profile and Support icons .

Checking The Result of CSV Import 

You can check the result of your CSV import by looking at the state of workflow which will be either Failed/Finished or Finished with error . For downloading Result CSV you can click on Details from the Action column . Now from Workflow Details Click on Details from Data column . Result CSV will be downloaded which will show the Result and Status of Failure against every single user . 

The result CSV file will be deleted according to the retention policy set as per the administrator 


This impactful feature will be enhanced and we will be working on maturing this feature with more effective functionalities until then we will be more than happy to assist you via our awesome Support!