VIDIZMO now provide its users the capability to import users and groups in bulk as the prior functionality of adding each user at a time was cumbersome. Through this feature any Manager+ user can import users , make them part of any desired group and can also import groups in bulk as well . A CSV file will be used to transfer all the metadata regarding the users . A downloadable template containing all the mandatory and optional columns will be available to edit and then user can upload. This substantial feature is not just saving your precious time but also providing you the facility to make the work process less complicated and contented . 

To learn more about bulk import of users and groups in VIDIZMO, read here

Steps To Import Users And Groups In Bulk

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen. 

ii. Expand the Admin tab

iii. Click on Users & Groups and you'll be directed to the Users & Group page.

2. On the Users and Groups screen:

i.  From the top right of your screen click on the option Add users and

ii. Click on Using CSV file .

3) A popup modal will appear

i. This modal will be showing a CSV template which you can select and then edit it by adding the data of users in rows beneath the column names.

ii. You can also select Choose File and upload a custom CSV file.

iii. A checkbox of Send Email Forcefully in the is for enabling or disabling email notifications to the imported user regarding any relevant event. This check is enabled by default. 

4. In CSV file 

i. You have to provide First name , Last name and Email as they are mandatory to add. 

ii. Password , roles and groups are optional . Incase of disabling the option to send notifications to user only then password becomes mandatory .

5. After uploading CSV to check the progress of import 

i. Click on the Navigation menu expand the Admin tab .

ii. Click on Control Panel .

iii. Now from the control panel screen located at your left click on Workflows .

6. Checking Workflows Queue 

i.  From the percentage column you can check the percentage of import that has taken place .

ii. After the import is completed now you can check the State of your import which will be either Failed / Finished / Finished with error .

iii. If the state is indicating Finished then your bulk import has been successful .

IV. If the state is indicating Failed or Finished with error and the user want to find out the reason you can click on Details from Action column . 

You will be redirected to Workflow details

V.  Click on Details from Data column . Result CSV will be generated which will indicate the result of every single import . 

Guidelines For CSV of Bulk Import

First Name & Last Name 

  1. First name and last name are mandatory fields.
  2. It is acceptable in all formats.


  1. Email is a mandatory field . It should be in valid format.
  2. Incase of email being provided in an invalid format we will skip that user and start importing other users.


  1. You have to provide the password as per your admin’s configuration .
  2. Password is mandatory if you have disabled the check to send email notification to the user otherwise it is optional and the user can set it through the email received.


  1. Role is an optional field to provide . Incase you don’t provide a role for any particular user then it will be set as Viewer by default. 
  2. The roles in VIDIZMO are as follows :
  1. Administrator
  2. Manager
  3. Moderator
  4. Contributor
  5. Viewer



  1. If the group mentioned in CSV is non existent than it will be created and the user mentioned against it will become a part of it.
  2. You can add multiple groups in CSV using | between group names too.

The CSV file should be in UTF-8 format .

 Roles and Permissions 

  Only Manager and Administrator can import users and groups in bulk using a CSV .