June 16, 2021

While performing our routine checks, we found a few loose nuts that required tightening. Luckily, we had our toolkit on hand. To ensure you receive consistent high-quality performance from our system, this release is about a few improvements and bug fixes.


Bug Fixes

  • You received updates on recent activities on one of the evidence files, but were scratching your head trying to find out which evidence specifically. You do not have to guess about the title of the evidence again.

  • Contributors can now see the settings option from the overflow menu to manage custom attributes. Permission granted.

  • It was a hassle when the desktop app tried to redirect you to a URL if the wrong information was entered in the consent form. Navigating back to the portal is like asking for directions. The desktop app did not give a roadmap on how to get back to the portal. You can now be redirected in the web instead as the desktop app is closed.

  • In internet explorer the loading icon on the billing reports seemed a little drunk and now it is sober again!

  • Seems that the system was applying the player template automatically to previously published content. The system is now fine-tuned to apply the default template to the media that is published after the change.

  • UI of portal settings and control panel looked faulty as the default white background was not adjusted. The workflow now looks neat and organized.

  • We have trimmed the scroll hedges in the Studio Space screen. No more unnecessary scrolling.

  • The system was facing information overload when content was being flagged frequently. After a weekend break, the system is cooled off and flagging can be done as much as possible.

  • After we made a few changes to permissions to better cater to the industry requirements, it seemed like there were a few pages that user should have access to but couldn’t. We have straightened things out now.

  • Can’t get to some of the pages you know you have the permissions to? We checked with the bouncer and you are now clear to enter.

  • When dealing with heavy media files, the Reorder Media was struggling to count after the double-digit numbers started. After going through a brief lesson with us, it is numbering correctly now.

  • Mandatory custom attributes for cases are meant to be mandatory! We’ve are now more strict and your users can no longer cheat the system.

  • Have a large personal collection? Of more than 10 videos? But struggling to reorder these? No longer – Add as many videos as you want to your personal collection and moving them around should be child’s play.


  • We were hoping when you enable SSO in your application, all profile fields should be populated by your SSO Provider which is why custom profile fields were locked for editing in the application. Seems like that’s not the case for each one of you. Hence, custom profile fields have now been unlocked for editing, if they are not configured to be fetched directly from your Identity provider.

  • Uploading large files for cloud storage? Don't panic! as it no longer feels like a drive on Times Square. You're on an expressway, 3 times faster and you'll be there in no time.

  • Billing reports now look pretty on tablet screens! We can’t promise the same about the bills though.

  • You can now enable automatic approval requests to access portals for federated users in the security policy. Now, your SSO users will get the VIP treatment when they sign-up.

  • Learning a new language can be tricky! By including the content's source language in the configuration settings and fine-tuning the Azure Media Indexer for closed captions, the generated insights will now be more accurate.