03 May 2021

This week in VIDIZMO’s kitchen, we have cooked up a full course meal. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.


What's New

  • The days of manually assigning roles to your users are behind you. Now you can assign roles to your users based on their SCIM attributes.

  • Considering how the video industry has matured, we have revamped our billing reports. You can now assign separate billing periods for different categories based on consumption such as user, transcoding, storage and portal summary, bandwidth ingress and egress Summary, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Small mobile devices have limited screen real estate and the side bar in the studio space used to take up half of it. We are giving you back your land.

  • Our Android friends who have struggled to select a timestamp to add a handout to in Studio Space, this one is for you.

  • The Global icon in the player template table wasn't properly aligned. Fixed it.

  • Of course, how can we forget our iOS users? We have fixed the alignment of check boxes on SMTP settings page on the iPad.

  • And for the desert, we have fixed the workflow screen on tablet devices.


  • We understand that the answers to descriptive questions are neither right nor wrong, so VIDIZMO will now grey out the descriptive question for clear distinction.

  • We understand you'll want to know the status of transcoding on your videos. Contributors can do that now.