26 March 2021

We hope you have your VIDIZMO hats and T shirts on because it's time for our final slam dunk of March Madness!


What's New

  • EnterpriseTube people, this one's for you! Now, you'll have audit logs for individual media files for Moderator+ roles to track activity performed on each media file. Just as with our traditional audit logs, these logs will be exportable as a CSV file. You're welcome!

  • In the same vein as above, if you've ever wished you could get more details in exported audit logs, now you'll get 2000+ lines in a CSV file.

Bug Fixes

  • Those of you who have been left confused when you marked a portal as featured and still saw a 'Mark as featured' prompt are about to be very happy. The confusion is over.

  • Our DEM friends must have noticed that in the Flagged screen, all they got was the settings but no option to verify or unflag evidence. There should've been more there. And now there is.

  • And that's not all. In the Flagged screen, the flagged evidence files were not labeled as flagged even when they were supposed to be. Fixed it!

  • The login screen had some words overlapping. HAD!


  • We can imagine the frustration when you accidentally press the Reset button and all changes are lost in a boundless void. That's why we have developed a prompt to confirm if you really want to reset your Theme Editor settings.

  • iPad users rejoice! There was a time when preview thumbnails of documents were taking up more than half of the player area in Safari. That's in the past.

  • In DEM, the text looked awkward in the reason for access pop-up. We've made it better.

  • We realize you used to meander in the lost when the SCORM course took too long on playback. While the wait depends on your SCORM package and there is little we can do to help, you'll enjoy a smooth loading animation now instead of looking at a blank player.