07 March 2021

They say you should stop to smell the roses. Well, our new release smells like a meadow. Along with improvements, we're also announcing new features this week. So go ahead, take a whiff!    

What's New

  • eLearning just got easier! Introducing SCORM, a globally renowned standard for ingestion and management of eLearning content. Now you can easily integrate with any LMS and ingest eLearning content to your heart’s content (pun intended).

  • Ever wanted to see the state of your services? It sucks when they are down, doesn’t it? Well, now all services are trackable and you can monitor the health of your services and products.

Bug Fixes

  • Ever noticed that when you added a video with a transcription to a collection, the transcription didn’t show? Not Anymore!  

  • I bet that you received an email from your DEM System when you updated an evidence that didn’t make any sense. Fixed it.

  • There was a bug in the system where, while inheriting branding from account and after updating the settings, the portal logo wasn’t visible in the manage users screen but was on others. Squished it!