28 February 2021

As a new spring draws closer, the grass got much greener in VIDIZMO. Here's a list of fresh improvements and bug fixes that bloomed in our garden.   

What's New

  • DEM administrators include IT admins and, of course, they shouldn't be able to view evidence and cases, right? Well, now they can't. An administrator in DEM does not have access to view content anymore.

  • Here's something neat. When you change the order of categories from Portal Settings > Categories by dragging & dropping, the same order will be reflected in the Media Library. The world makes so much sense now, doesn't it?

Bug Fixes

  • Did you notice that whenever you flagged cases in bulk, the toast notification said, "Evidence flagged successfully?" It should have said, "Case flagged successfully." And now it will.

  • So VIDIZMO was doing this weird thing where when a user profile was clicked in a comment, the user was redirected to the homepage instead. That's history.

  • When a collection was downloaded for offline viewing from the desktop application, the thumbnails were missing. That was embarrassing but it's fixed.

  • When insights were generated using AI indexer, there were slight glitches in face detection for certain translated languages, which has now been fixed. Let’s say our AI just got smarter.


  • It's time for a little more automatic in VIDIZMO. Some of the flows in SCIM have been improved in a way that You will be able to observe the changes whenever the email address of the user and group display name is updated in Okta. The users will be enabled automatically whenever they will be reassigned/reactivated in OKTA.

  • However, there is such a thing as too much automatic. So now maintaining a manually assigned role and not allowing OKTA to change the role which has been set during the configuration is a thing.

  • AI processing category is now displaying AI Ingress, AI Content Duration and AI Computation consumption reports separately on Portal settings>Account>Billing (for details view this article)

  • Must be annoying having to edit transcription in that small pane. Don't worry, it's in the past now. Now the Transcription pane expands when user is editing subtitles such that the player shrinks. The player expands back once the user is done editing.