SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) allows communication between eLearning content and Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is a globally renowned standard for ingestion and management of eLearning content which allows packages to be delivered in accordance with guidelines that all eLearning systems must adhere to. This ensures compatibility with any SCORM-compliant LMS.


In VIDIZMO, users can upload, publish and view SCORM content developed in SCORM-compliant authoring tools such as Articulate or Captivate. After ingesting SCORM content, users can utilize VIDIZMO's rich content management features to manage access, share, play back, and view detailed insights into their learners' progress on the courses.

To learn more about uploading SCORM, see: How to import a SCORM Course.


In order to avail SCORM feature in your Portal, there are a few considerations you will have to keep in mind:

  1. SCORM content is only available in VIDIZMO's Virtual Academy product. For more information regarding our Products and packages, please contact our Support!
  2. For existing portals, you will have to rerun your Setup Wizard once to ensure you have the necessary host files required to play back SCORM content.
  3. Moderator+ user roles are allowed to upload/import SCORM Courses in a Portal.
  4. Please note that some CDNs take considerably longer to serve content for the first time than others, which may cause unwarranted delay in SCORM playback. However, VIDIZMO has no control over it.

Note: Every time there is an update in SCORM player, you will have to rerun your Storage setup via Setup Wizard, or contact our Support to ensure you have the latest changes. This is because SCORM player is hosted on your Storage CDN during setup.


The primary benefit of SCORM is the interoperability it offers between eLearning products. If a user designs eLearning content using various tools, SCORM enables the user to publish that content on VIDIZMO which is then easily accessed by learners. It is an effort, time and money efficient when it comes to content creation and is readily used for training, slide presentations, videos, interactive activities, testing and more. 

Another benefit of using SCORMs is the Gamification of content, a concept of applying instructional design and gaming techniques to dramatically engage and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Gamification is used to create a competitive environment encouraging people to perform to the best of their abilities. One of the biggest benefits of using instructional design is the affordability. Using SCORM increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and costs involved in delivering traditional instructions.

Supported Versions

VIDIZMO currently supports the following SCORM versions:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition

SCORM is a zipped package that must contain manifest.XML file which identifies it as a valid SCORM package. The manifest.XML file contains configuration information that is required by VIDIZMO.

Playback Experience

SCORM packages in VIDIZMO are played in an Iframe which is launched within VIDIZMO player for enhanced embedded experience.


SCORM in VIDIZMO portal can be engaged and interacted with like all other applicable media types in VIDIZMO portal. A user may perform the following interactions over a SCORM Course:

  • Favorite
  • Comment
  • Like
  • Provide feedback on
  • Share on social sites
  • Share playback link via Email
  • Bookmark in browser

Life Cycle

SCORM Courses will have the same life cycle as a typical content in VIDIZMO portal (based on your portal's configurations):

  • It can be drafted to be published later
  • It can be sent for moderation before it gets published for wide access
  • It can be made available for a specific duration after which it will expire
  • It can be deleted so that it resides in the Recycle Bin until it purges permanently based on the Retention Policy
  • It can be featured on the Homepage for greater prominence, etc

Media Actions

While SCORM will follow the same content life cycle as all other media types in the portal, it is a special type of content where only the following options for media management will apply:

  • Copy to another portal
  • Reupload
  • Copy link
  • Embed
  • Download
  • Settings
  • Media Info


VIDIZMO provides the following reports for SCORM courses in your portal. While each report highlights a distinct aspect

Media Analytics Report

Following metrics under Media Analytics reports are applicable on a SCORM course/content:

  • Views & Viewers
  • Impressions
  • Completions
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Engagement Trends
  • Top Devices
  • Top Browsers
  • Embed
  • Demographics

Here are some SCORM-specific analytics that will be visible to you specifically in case of SCORM content:

  • Total Time Spent: This defines the total time spent by all learners on this SCORM course. This value accumulates the time spent in all sessions/attempts taken at the course by all learners.
  • Average Time Spent: This defines the average time spent on a SCORM course by each learner, where we divide the total time by the unique number of learners/participants who attempted the SCORM.

Quality of Experience Reports

Following metrics under QOE reports are applicable on a SCORM course

  • Views & Viewers
  • Time Played
  • Load Time
  • Player Errors
  • Player Load Time
  • Device Errors

Interactions Report

Based on your SCORM interactions, these reports give you a detailed insight into how your SCORM takers responded to every question. We have built an interface that helps you further draw insights into how well they performed based on scores and attempts.

Following metrics are shown in a SCORM interactions report:

  • Participants & Attempts
  • Average Score
  • Attempts Overview
  • Questions Overview

This report shows statistics related to SCORM interactions such that if a SCORM course has been attempted without any interactions by the one who attempted – that attempt will not be accounted for in the Interactions report.

For a more detailed understanding of SCORM Interactions Reports, see: Understanding SCORM Interactions Report.


The feature has been rolled out in a comparatively infant stage and as we work on maturing its features and functionalities you may find some inconsistencies that we will be happy to assist you via our awesome Support!