21 February 2021

The past week was packed with an adventure of fixes and improvements - and here we are again with a build as fresh and creamy as your morning croissant.  

 Bug Fixes

  • Did an overall fixing for messages all over the application to help you build context and intimate you whenever required.
  • We used to get too excited when you updated a media already marked as featured - and used to bring it right to the top. Oops, fixed it.

  • While showing you filtered reports for custom dates, there was a minor glitch to extend the last date by a day. We respect your custom settings, and so does the application now.


  • Fancied our billing reports to highlight important areas of resource consumption.
  • You can now control Navigation Menus by configuring whether or not to open a link in new tab.
  • Our Audit Logs have been tinkered to reflect the changes more accurately - we know how important they are for you after all!
  • Heat Maps for Media Analytics have been refurbished to reflect statistics more clearly.