14 February 2021

Behold! Our first release of 2021! Our team made a relentless resolution to ensure we were always ahead of our product roadmap.  So here’s a small token of VIDIZMO’s commitment in the new year.

What's New

  • We know how maintaining the confidentiality of your content is the highest of any organization's concern, and so we care! Introducing end-to-end Content Encryption where all your physical files are now saved using advanced encryption algorithms that can only be decrypted and played back by VIDIZMO Player.

  • Want to know when a file is downloaded, or when its access has been granted to an external user? After all, there is only so much you can keep your eyes on. Relax! With the capability for Alert Generation on Flagged (Sensitive) Content, you can now subscribe to a list of notifications available for each content.

  • We have completely revamped our email engine to help you devise more powerful emails based on the event on which they are being sent. So now you can dazzle up your emails.

  • With increasing number of scams, we knew we had to tighten our security bolts - which has birthed a new VIDIZMO with all its protocols and policies compliant with FIPS 140-2 Standard.
  • After the standing ovation we have received from you for allowing you a few role customizations for every user group, we are pleased to announce there are a few more that have been added to the list. Now, you can control rights to case creation and management, as well as the rights to access-assignment on the content.

  • We understand it’s not fair of us to expect you to not keep track of your resources. Considering how the video industry has matured, we have introduced Consumption-based Billing mechanisms to make it easier for you to track resource consumption and use the platform with more flexibility and ease.

  • Audit Logs have always been of acute significance to organizations for tracking and monitoring activity trails within the platform yet its access, in most platforms, remains questionable throughout a team's hierarchy. To avoid such fiascos, VIDIZMO brings you Log Access Levels that help you ensure only relevant logs are visible to specific user groups!

  • As we strengthen our foothold in the Digital Evidence Management industry, it has been imperative to introduce mechanisms to tighten evidence security and monitoring. For this very reason, now you may configure strict policies to ensure Reason Provisioning before Access of any Evidence/Case.

  • And another highlight of the season is that SCIM is now supported as a means of user and group provisioning in VIDIZMO! What does it mean for you, you wonder? Automatically (read: magically) sync users and groups to your platform without any hustle or wait.

  • As VIDIZMO spawns its video expertise in multiple products, services and regions, we are more than delighted to launch VIDIZMO Monitor. Now you can monitor the health of these services and stay well-informed of their availability or downtime.

Bug Fixes

  • Our exportable excel reports included numbered days for week-based data instead of the name of the day. We all want to know about Monday engagements more than the rest of the week, no? Changed it to how it should be, no worries!

  • There was a minor glitch in updating access rights over a media in bulk. Phew, fixed it!


  • Audit Logs should be faster than ever before - we had our own Flash electrocute its slow performance for the better.

  • Playback of videos with HD+ quality has been made smoother and glitch-free.

  • We hinged some of the broken edges of our performance especially when it comes to Case Management in DEM.

  • We have added a more granular level control for you to determine whether or not to show child featured categories on parent category homepage or account homepage.