Once a user has been authorized to flag content, they can subscribe to a list of events applicable to an evidence or case that they have access to within the portal.

To learn more about the feature, see: Understanding Alert Generation Policy for Sensitive File Access.

Before you start

  • Manager+ users are authorized to further assign flagging permission to one or more user groups. Once this permission is assigned to any group, its members will not only have the right to receive notifications via email but also be able to customize the notification policy as per their requirements. Click, to see: How to Assign Custom Permissions to a Specific Group.

Set Default Notification Preferences

A user who is authorized to receive Alerts will also be able to manage settings for these notifications. Before flagging any evidence/case, users can set their default notification preferences via User Profile section - which will then be applied on all evidence or case that they flag from that point onwards.

Note: If you choose to set your default notification preferences when you have already flagged some evidence(s) or case(s) in your portal, note that the preferences would not apply on them and will only be applicable on evidence(s) or case(s) you flag thereafter.

1. From the DEM Portal Homepage

i. Click on your User Name to open My Profile Section.

ii. Now, select the Notification Settings options.

iii. Notification Settings page will be opened. From this screen, one can manage notification settings for below:

a. Global: This section contain general settings related to workflow processing, media feedback, etc. This tab may not be visible to every user who has the permission to flag since it is dependent on the user's role.

b. Evidence: This section contains alerts that are applicable on all types of digital evidence such as image, audio, video, document. VIDIZMO provides you the flexibility of setting a different policy for each type of digital evidence.

c. Case: This section contains alerts that are applicable on Cases within the portal such as when an evidence is added to a Case, or when a Case's access rights have changed, etc.

Once you set your default notification preferences, you won't be bothered to set preferences for every evidence or case when you flag them. However, in the absence of a default policy, we will ask you to set preferences at the time of flagging.

Flag Sensitive Content

Follow the steps below to Flag Evidence, to start receiving preferred email notifications.

1. From the DEM Portal Homepage.

i. Click on the overflow menu of the evidence that you wish to flag.

ii. From the menu select the Flag option to flag it.

2. Notification preference screen will be opened, from here:

i. One can subscribe to all available events for selected evidence by clicking on the Select All button. Alternatively, you can only subscribe to the event(s) of your choice.

ii. Click on Save as Default Settings if you want to save these settings for all Flagged Evidence. 

Note: Once you do this, VIDIZMO DEMS will remember these settings so you will not have to manage these settings every time flagging case/evidence.

iii. Click on the Update button if you want to save these settings for that particular evidence.

Note: Notification Settings screen will only open if you have not set your default notification preferences from user profile, as explained above.

3. To Un-Flag an Evidence

i. Click on the overflow menu of the Flagged Evidence.

ii. Select Un-Flag from the menu.

You would only need to change the Portal view from Evidence to Case to Flag or Un-Flag a Case. The rest of the steps will remain the same as discussed in the section above. 

Bulk-Flag Sensitive Content

VIDIZMO allows you to flag/un-flag evidence and case in bulk. Follow the steps below to flag evidence in bulk.

1. From DEM Homepage:

i. Select Evidence in Bulk.

ii. Select Flag from the menu.

Note:vWhen you flag evidence in bulk, you will be able to set a policy on all selected evidence types. Yet, the resulting notification preference pop-up will indicate different sections for different types based on your selection such as Video and Audio. Please note that only if you set preferences in Audio section, will they apply on all the audio evidence under selection.

Manage Flagged Content

In order to view Flagged content, select Flagged from the navigation menu available at the left side of your DEM Portal. It will take you to the Flagged Content screen where you will be able to view Evidence by default. 

Here, you can manage flagged content by:

  • Centrally supervising all the confidential content from one section
  • Toggling views to manage flagged Cases and Evidences separately
  • Sorting sensitive files based on various parameters such as when was it last modified, etc
  • Switching views to expand/collapse details visible
  • Filtering files based on various system-generated or user-generated attributes within the portal

Set Custom Notification Preferences

In order to update the notification policy for already flagged evidence/case:

From DEMS Portal Homepage:

i. Navigate to the Flagged section to view all flagged case/evidence.

ii. From the Notifications Preferences click on the pencil icon against the evidence for which you want to update the Notification policy.

iii. Notification Configuration screen would be opened from where you can update the notification preferences.