Evidence may undergo changes within its lifecycle (moderation, update, delete, re-upload so on and so forth) most of these activities require attention from the designated officers who then can take required actions. To notify the concerned authorities a notification system is required which could send an automatic email notification whenever a specific activity takes place on a case/evidence. To cater to this requirement VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System -DEMS offers Alert Generation feature

Using VIDIZMO Group Permissions authorized portal users may assign Evidence/Case permission to flag to a group of Viewer and/or Contributor portal users. This permission would allow them to flag evidence/case which will empower them to receive alerts against the subscribable events 

Before you start

  • Manager+ portal users can assign Flagging Permission to a group or add a user to a group already having that permission.
  • Group permissions are only applicable to user roles below Moderators, as Moderator+ user roles have a complete set of access rights on media management within the Portal by default.

Access Group Permissions

From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii Click on Users & Groups and you'll be directed to the Users & Group page.

Assign Flag Permission to a Group

1.  From User and Groups screen:

i. Hover upon the User Group, to which you want to assign Custom Group Permissions, and click to open the overflow menu.

ii. Select Edit Group. It will take you to the edit screen for the selected group.

2. From  Edit Group screen shown below

i. Use the Toggle button against Allow users to flag Evidence/Case to assign this permission to the selected group.

ii. You have the ability to control flagging permission by allowing them to flag:

a. Their accessible Evidence/Case (shared with or assigned to them)

b. Their uploaded Evidence

iii. Click on the Save Changes button.

Once this permission is given to a group, all group members will be able to flag evidence/case

Note: When members of a group in which permission to flag has been enabled - then a workflow will be triggered to disallow users (who are no longer part of the group) to flag evidence or cases