Apart from the powerful content management and segregation capabilities that VIDIZMO offers, you can now also manage deleted content and restore it back from the Recycle Bin. Your deleted content shall stay in the bin for as long as the retention policy set in the Portal, after which it shall be completely purged from your content storage to the point of no recovery.

Before you start

  • Moderator+ role will be able to restore evidence from the recycle bin. To learn more about user roles, see: Understanding User Roles

Go to Recycle Bin

1. From the Portal's Homepage

i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Media Manager and you'll be directed to Media Manager page.

2. From Media Manager page

i. Select Recycle Bin to navigate to the Recycle Bin page, where you will be able to view all deleted media files within retention period.

Restore Media

1. In order to restore media individually, click on the overflow menu, then click on Restore.

Restore Media in Bulk

1. In order to bulk restore media , select the media which you want to restore and then click on Restore available in the Actions tab.