Tags are labels attached to content for the purpose of identification or to give information. Enterprise tags are a cluster of predefined tags which enable the Administrators to control and restrict the input of irrelevant tags by Contributors while publishing media.

The Enterprise tags are configured on both Account and Portal levels, while the Portal can inherit tags from the Account. VIDIZMO has a feature to add tags during publishing and editing media. Users can add or select tags while publishing media if the Administrator has predefined the enterprise tags. If an Administrator deletes any tag which is used in any media, then it will be deleted from all related media as well.

Tags assist the Viewers in searching the media with ease, related media is listed on the basis of tags and it also gives a quick view of what the media is about before it is viewed. Moreover, tags are also used to display on Playback page.

For further information, see: How to Configure and Use Enterprise Tags.

Here we shall be looking at TagInfo Object in detail to understand the various properties it contains in VIDIZMO REST API Reference.

TagInfo Object

    // Primary key of comment object in system. Used to uniquely identify comment in system
    "id": <number>,
    // Name of tag
    "name": <string>,
    // Count of mashups against which this tag is used
    "usedInMashup": <number>,
    // Weight of tag. This is calculated internally by the system depending on its usage and search frequency
    "weight": <number>,
    // When was this tag used to fetch results in library
    "lastSearchDateTime": <utcDateAndTime>,
    // Tenant id to which this tag belongs
    "tenantId": <number>

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