VIDIZMO users can comment on a media to give their views and opinions about the media. Comments are a simple way to provide feedback or simply drop in a note. The comments feature allows you to post a new text comment, either to respond to the video or join in on a conversation already taking place. In VIDIZMO, any user with a Viewer+ role is able to add a comment from the Media's Playback page.

Here we shall be looking at CommentInfo Object in detail to understand the various properties it contains in VIDIZMO REST API Reference.

CommentInfo Object

  // Primary key of comment object in system. Used to uniquely identify comment in system
  "id": <number>,
  // If comment is in moderation, then this status will indicate current moderation status of comment. Possible values of moderation are given below
  // PendingForApproval: When comment is awaiting moderation
  // Approved: When comment has passed moderation
  // Rejected: When moderator has rejected comment
  "commentModerationStatus": <string>,
  // Actual content of the comment
  "commentContent": <string>,
  // Mashup against which this comment is made
  "mashup": <mashupInfo> // Read: https://help.vidizmo.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000110563-api-reference-guide-mashupinfo-object
  // Tenant to which this comment belong
  "tenant": <tenantInfo> // Read: https://help.vidizmo.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000110689-api-reference-guide-tenantinfo-object
  // UTC date and time when this comment was added in system
  "addedDateTime": <utcDateAndTime>,
  //Read: https://help.vidizmo.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000110691-api-reference-guide-userinfo-object
  "addedBy": <userProfileInfo>,
  //Read: https://help.vidizmo.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000110691-api-reference-guide-userinfo-object
  "updatedBy": <userProfileInfo>,
  // All replies made to this comment
  "replies": <commentInfo[]>, //Read: https://help.vidizmo.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000110690-api-reference-guide-commentinfo-object
  // The moderator who moderated comment
  "moderatedBy": <userProfileInfo>, //Read: https://help.vidizmo.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000110691-api-reference-guide-userinfo-object
  // Date and time on which comment was moderated
  "moderationDateTime": <utcDateAndTime>,
  // True, when comment is deleted
  "isDeleted": <boolean>,
  // Basic stats of comments
  "stats": {
    "likes": <number>,
    "disLikes": <number>,
    "replies": <number>
  // Rating of comment. This object is private to every user and indicate their own action against comment.
  "myRating": {
    "id": <number>,
    "value": <number>,
    // Rating type possible values are StarRating, LikeDislike
    "type": <string>,
    "subject": <string>,
    "objectId": <number>,
    "tenantId": <number>,
    "isDeleted": <boolean>,
    "userProfileId": <number>,
    "addedDateTime": <utcDateAndTime>,
    "updatedOn": <utcDateAndTime>

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