14 July 2020

Last quarter has been ripe with growing VIDIZMO to become an integral part of the new normal, and it now tastes as juicy as the mangoes you have been binge-eating this summers.

Bug Fixes

  • We were too generous to let you add the same tag twice on your media previously. Not anymore!

  • For some reason, Viewers of the main portal were not able to mark media as favorites that originally belonged to the sub-portal. I know this one may have hurt bad. Forgive us. You can now favourite all you want.

  • This was no less than a mystery to solve: when media was copied from one portal to another, everything was replicated but its thumbnail? Our engineers really had to dig deep to get to its core. It should be working fine now.

  • Your transition to the rendition you love watching (1080p, duh) has been made smoother than ever. Even the rarest of glitches while switching from one to another has been fixed.

  • In Quiz Assessment reports, we were marking response to descriptive questions as unattempted. OopsRest assured, it had no impact on the score of a candidate.

  • Made sure your collection looks as beautiful when embedded on your external site, as it does on VIDIZMO Portal. No more unnecessary scrolls and extra padding issues.


  • Embedded media with SSO-enabled authentication was a hard nut to crack. Tightened the bolts on our SSO engines, which now seamlessly require authentication on embedded media as well.

  • We vacuumed our search tunnels to ensure only the right parameters stay within it, and the rest of the dirt is gone. With a stained happy face, we made sure you can now enjoy getting to your desired media faster.

  • We added support of seamless playback for more document formats like Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, which previously appeared in a little less user-friendly fashion. Now the system is geared to render them all beautifully.

  • We enhanced our text-editor through-out the application. You can now add images, tables, colour and more life to your descriptions using our advanced editor tool.

  • We have significantly improved your SharePoint experience, by making sure your player settings are preserved and your navigation in Sharepoint is as smooth in VIDIZMO portal itself.

  • For clearer segregation of content, we have introduced status tags on your digital evidence. This means you can now visibly see which digital evidence within a case have been published, and which ones are yet drafted. Similarly, for evidence under moderation, you can easily sort out the ones rejected or pending.