29 February 2020

As unique as this month of the year is, we have leaped beyond our usual quota of awesomeness to honor it. This February, with our delicious piping hot features served in a rosy red platter, you will fall in love... again!

What's New

  • Introducing Brandable Categories, using which you can now go another mile when segregating content at multiple levels within your VIDIZMO Account. Completely customize the look and feel of your categories and the content within it, to make sure your viewers vibe with what they are watching.

  • Are you tired of policing your portal for unwarranted content? It is exhausting, we know! Now, you can configure a robust Content Moderation Policy for your portal that determines the number of required patrol officers (moderators) for approving the content before it is deemed appropriate to be published on the portal.

  • After two internal dev-vs-test wars and three rebuilds, you have been empowered with the control to assign media licenses to users (registered as well as external) against specific count of allowed views, hurrah! These views will be tracked on the basis of completion such as when a video is watched completely or a document has been scanned till the end.

  • Press left-arrow key while watching a video in your portal to seek 5 seconds backward (since you were so engrossed reading this). Fully equipped with heroic Keyboard Controls, learn more about our player here: Keyboard Controls.

  • Played an already watched video by mistake? No more. Using our new feature of sleek progress bars, you can now gauge how much of the video have you already watched and how much is left, directly from the thumbnail of a video. What a relief!

Bug Fixes

  • Due to a minor glitch at our end, recorded meeting videos within your Zoom Cloud were only synchronizing from the last few months. Fixed it. We are sorry, and so is the tester who did not get his share of chocolates this February.


  • Tinkered our internal engines and added some extra gears to optimize the design of our licensing application such as to give you more power to cherry-pick features exactly as per your requirement. This entails that your VIDIZMO experience can now be fully tailored to suit your enterprise needs.

  • In other news, we honed our document processing services to improve playback experience and boost your productivity while presenting official files and documents using VIDIZMO.

  • Last but not the least, we have incorporated the ability to use localized offline fonts (WHAAA!) within our application in case your organizational policies do not allow external web fonts download for security purposes. What does this mean? While everyone only cares about Chrome, we are there for you in IE too. Learn more about it here: How to Use Local Offline Fonts.